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NOTE! This page is filled with Spoilers. Make sure you read KnifeBoy No 1 before you continue reading this page!

Name: KnifeBoy
Age: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Info: KnifeBoy tricked death and returned
to the living as an Outsider. He dedicated
his life to fight "The System", aka The
New World Order
. As a successful
rebellion leader his existance reached
The New World Order and characters
from his past reached out to him. Not
remembering anything from his past
KnifeBoy has to be careful with whom
he can trust and what stories are real
or fiction.

Name: Blue
Age: N/A
Nationality: Korea
Info: Her past is still unknown. She is
currently "living" with KnifeBoy, why and
how she ended up there is unknown at
this point. According to reliable sources
we will find out how she became
KnifeBoys prisoner in the second comic
book. Her relationship with KnifeBoy
seem to be hatred filled with love. 

Name: Jack
Age: 42
Nationality: United States
Info: Jack gave his life to
KnifeBoy as he assassinated two
Freemason member and soon
thereafter got caught. He carved a Knife
into a concrete wall before hanging
himself in his cell. He sent a message to
the world: KnifeBoy is back. Jack was a
great man who fought by KnifeBoys side
even though he was still an insider. He
still had his NNN (Nation Nano Number)
activated as he murdered  the two
Freemason members. He knew
his life would come to an end. 

Name: The Pig
Age: 78
Nationality: United States
Info: A former Freemasons member who
was dumped for unknown reasons. 
He hooked up a workshop and enjoyed
the rest of his life watching his Followers
beating each other up and drinking
himself shitfaced. Apparently he was
present as KnifeBoy was born. He can
also be found in a photo that KnifeBoy
had tucked away under his bandage
as he woke up from his Coma.

Name: The Golden Owl
Age: 127
Nationality: Germany
Info: A former Army Of D.O.O.M member.
Claims to have been working with KnifeBoy
in the past. He was ordered to kill KnifeBoy
by putting a bullet trough his head. 
A funeral was held in Moscow but later when
The New World Order wanted to make
studies on the Body, it was no longer there.
Either someone had taken the body, or, 
The Golden Owl had failed to kill him. The
Golden Owl lost is position within the
Army Of D.O.O.M and was sent to
Guatemala to Steampunk-Industrialize
Latino America. 

Name: Raven
Age: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Info: Not much known about Raven at
this point. He worked for The Golden Owl
until he ran into KnifeBoy. After fighting
the "KnifeHead Legend" as he put it,
he fled to an unknown location.

Name: Follower
Age: N/A
Nationality: International
Info: Followers must be loyal to their masters.
If the current Master dies, they will wander
the wastelands until a new Master reach
out to them. If the current Master is being
killed, the murderer will become their new
Master. The Master may free his followers
by absorbing the Followers NNN (National
Nano Number).

Name: N/A
Age: N/A
Nationality: Russia
Info: Nothing known about this woman at
this point. She was waiting for KnifeBoy in
Guatemala and led him to The Glden Owl.
Soon after introducing them to each other
she diapered, 

Name: N/A
Age: N/A
Nationality: N/A
Info: N/A